Covid-19 Message from John Britton Consulting Engineers

A note to clients, design team colleagues and contractors, to outline the approach being taken by this office.


We are keeping fully open. We have established a flexible rostering system to comply with social distancing guidelines and continue to meet our clients' requirements. All email should continue to be directed to, where all staff members continue to have access, even from home.  Phone calls are also best directed to (091) 637624.


Our staff are the heart of this practice; to borrow a phrase, it’s always been very much the team of us. Working at home was implemented to help protect the individual team members and the wider community.   Yet we are all individually, as indeed everybody is, still at risk. 


We  propose, until the HSE advise otherwise, not to attend any indoor physical face-to-face meetings.  Phone and video conferences are clearly the better options.  We will carry out essential on-site inspections where possible, with appropriate social distancing, to allow works on construction sites to continue.   In that respect, as has become standard with our Inspection Plans and BCAR procedures, we ask that contractors provide us with as much advance notice as possible.  If inadequate notice is provided, we may not be able to schedule a visit at such short notice; that in turn may delay works on site.  We want to avoid that, so we ask that adequate notice be provided by the contractor of any inspection that may be wanted.  


We have a number of construction projects in design and on site for HSE Estates, on a number of hospital and other healthcare locations around the country.  In recent days, we have been asked, by HSE Estates,  to assist with design aspects of certain COVID-19 emergency works, particularly in locations where we have prior knowledge of existing buildings and facilities.   We trust that clients and contractors and other design team members will understand that any such COVID-19 emergency works,  when required, must take precedence over all other projects, and we ask Clients, fellow designers and contractors to bear with us on this.  


We will continue to provide our services: design, drawings, inspections, advices and certification, as best we can, and we look forward to a time when we can all shake hands again.  In the meantime, let’s all keep up the handwashing & social distancing!


Hoping you and those you care about all stay safe and well.


Innovative, pragmatic and elegant structural solutions

Since 2000, John Britton Consulting has been providing innovative, practical and cost-effective structural engineering solutions for commercial, residential, public and conservation projects. The practice philosophy is that the structure should enhance rather than limit the building. This requires a full understanding of how the structure and its component materials work. 

Our Engineers receive constant in-house mentoring and external CPD, combined with early engagement with the Client, Architect and other designers to better understand how to achieve the optimum structural solutions for each individual project.



Efficient, cost-effective solutions

John Britton Consulting has extensive experience in a wide range of medium- and large-scale commercial projects. We provide efficient and cost-effective solutions, often under tight programme constraints, without compromising design. 


Recent projects include a large multi-storey student residence building, an extensive leisure complex in Scotland, a commercial Coach Station, hotels, retail centres, private healthcare facilities, a 35m tall industrial process building and windfarm infrastructure buildings.


Structural solutions for high-end architecture for bespoke housing 

John Britton Consulting delivers creative solutions for architecturally designed and innovative homes, mindful of cost for the end client. Fundamental to achieving this is early engagement with the Client and the Architect to build up a full understanding of their priorities.  



Engineered Efficiency

Public sector work includes new-build, extension and refurbishment projects. John Britton Consulting provides functional, practical and financially responsible solutions.

Projects include hospitals and care centres, primary and secondary schools, nursing homes and libraries.


" much as necessary, as little as possible..."

John Britton Consulting has a strong interest in conservation and heritage projects. The practice philosophy is to pay respect to the workmanship of the past and preserve these important structures for the future, with as little intervention as possible. This involves pragmatic engineering solutions, staying true to the original materials.  Projects range from Medieval to Victorian and even early 20th Century Buildings 



Structural & Civil Engineers

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+353 (91) 637624